What is Legacy?

What is Legacy?

Legacy is the organ, eye and tissue donor registry for the state of Alabama. Legacy serves as the voice of the donor when he cannot speak for himself. Everyone who says “yes” to organ donation at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office is on Legacy. In addition to registering via the DMV office, you can register now by clicking here.

Legacy of Hope and Advancing Sight Network have access to the Legacy data and can share an individual’s donor designation with his or her family. While we encourage people to have family discussions about donation, not everyone does. So Legacy can be the voice of the potential donor. As a registered donor, you are choosing to make a difference with your gift. It’s a legacy that will live on long after you’ve gone.

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Sharing your decision with your family

Matt Morgan’s mom, Betty Morgan, had no idea what a profound impact one conversation would have on her life and her 16 year-old son. Betty vividly remembers taking Matt to get his drivers’ license. On the way there, he expressed to his mom that he would like to be an organ donor, if anything ever happened to him. Betty recalls asking him: “Are you sure?” To which Matt replied, “Mom, if I have anything that could help someone else, I want them to have it.”

When Matt unexpectedly passed away at a young age, Betty was so grateful for their conversation. “In all honesty, I don’t know what I would’ve done if Matt and I had not had that conversation. I think Matt is smiling from heaven, knowing he was able to help people even after his death.”

Please share your decision, as Matt did, to be an organ donor with your family. The impact you could make is priceless. Need help beginning that conversation? Click here for resources.

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