Alabama's Organ & Tissue Alliance

About Us


Christy Keahey, RN, BSN, MSM, CPTC, CTBS, LSSGB

Executive Director

Sam Windham, MD

Medical Director

Cassandra McLendon, MPA, MSHI, CMQ/OE, LSSGB

Senior Director, Organizational Excellence

Andrew Shunk, DHSc, MSBS-TDS, CPTC, NRP

Senior Director, Organ Operations

Lindsey Banks, BSN, RN, CPTC

Director of Clinical Services

Kristi Eatmon, MBA

Director of Finance and Administration

Tania Houle, MBA, CPTC

Director, Referral Optimization

Ann Rayburn, RN, BSN, CPTC

Director of Education

Dan Towers, CTBS, LSSGB

Director, Tissue Work System


Amanda BabcockClinical Financial Officer I
Michelle A. FalgoustExecutive Assistant
Hannah Copeland, MSHIInformation Systems Specialist III
Caitlin GrinfieldTraining and Development Coordinator
Jacques Hatcher, BSInformation Systems Specialist I
LaQueena Jackson, BSDonation Support Administrative Coordinator
Gale K. Jones, BSAccountant
Becky PughAdministrative Office Specialist III
Angela Ramirez, BSEMR Coordinator
Mikaylla RaymondClinical Financial Associate
Andrew SparksOrganizational Development Manager
Melissa A. Wallace, BS, LSSGBFinancial Officer II

Public Education

LaToya R. Bishop, PhD, MPHMulticultural Educator
Abby Litovsky, BACommunity Liaison

DMV Program

Eric Phillips, MASupervisor - DMV Program
Claudette Hawthorne, AADMV Liaison
Amy Power MorrisDMV Liaison

Family Support Services

Melissa C. Allegri, LBSWFamily Support Coordinator
Clinton Carr, MOL, NDTRFamily Support Coordinator
Jennifer Clingingsmith, RRTFamily Support Coordinator
Anthony "Scott" Cooley, BS, PTAFamily Support Coordinator
Donna DiMartino, BSWFamily Support Coordinator
Kailyn HillFamily Support Coordinator
Ashley Jennings, BS, CCLSFamily Support Coordinator
Teresa C. Jett, BSFamily Support Coordinator
Amy Kennedy, RRTFamily Support Coordinator
Morgan Klimek, BSC, MSFSFamily Support Coordinator
Laura Pruitt, RNFamily Support Manager
Alan Spriggs, CPTCProgram Manager - Authorization Development
Jay WorthyFamily Support Coordinator
NaTasha S. Worthy, MSCFamily Support Coordinator


Ann Rayburn, RN, BSN, CPTCDirector of Education

Professional Education

Clarence W. Adams, Jr., BSN, PTCPartner Services Clinician
Scott Belton, MSCJDonor Program Liaison
Connie Chapman, RNPartner Services Liaison
Laura Dunaway, BSN, RNPartner Services Specialist
Kandace Grant, RN, BSNPartner Services Specialist
Audriana "Anna" Cook, BSPartner Services Liaison
Jarryd Keene, BAPartner Services Liaison
Emily McGlaughnManager, Partner Services
Janet Shaw, NHA, LBSWDonor Program Liaison
Jessica Taylor, RTPartner Services Specialist
Jacqueline S. Whatley, RN, BSN, CPTCPartner Services Clinician
Whitney WaddellPartner Services Liaison
Victoria Wilke, RN, BSNPartner Services Specialist

Clinical Response Coordinators

Cassie Adams, RNClinical Response Coordinator
April Conklin, RRT-ACCSClinical Response Coordinator
Krista Edwards, RN, BSNClinical Response Coordinator
Malea Hensley, RRTClinical Response Coordinator
Mandy Pittman, BS, BSN, RNClinical Response Coordinator
Rebecca Threlkeld, RN, BSNClinical Response Coordinator
Danielle Watson, BS, RRTClinical Response Coordinator

Donation Support

Beth ParsonsSupply and Facilities Coordinator
LaQueena Jackson, BSDonation Support Administrative Coordinator
Alayna McCarty, BS, CRTDonation Support Administrative Coordinator
Britni Curl, BS, RRT-NPSOrgan Placement Coordinator
Emilo "Mark" DavisDonation Support Coordinator
Jeremy DavisDonation Support Coordinator
Robynne GrayDonation Support Coordinator
Charlotte Waldrop ReachDonation Support Coordinator
Lisa M. SmithDonation Support Coordinator
Janelle Vickers, CTBSDonation Support Coordinator
Tina Wilson, BA, MSOrgan Placement Coordinator

Clinical Services

Stacy Sexton, MSN, CCRN, CPTCManager, Clinical Services
Amy "AJ" Johnson, BSN, CCRN, RN-BC, CPTCTeam Lead
Kristy Lowe, RN, CPTCTeam Lead
Brittany N. Price, BSN, RN, CPTCTeam Lead
Margaret "Maggie" Tarpley, BSN, RN, CPTCTeam Lead
Rhiannon Carter, BSN, RNTraining Coordinator
Bebe A. Haffarnan, BSN, RN,  CPTCProcurement Transplant Coordinator IV
Tim Boyd, RRT-NPSProcurement Transplant Coordinator II
Josh Davis, RNProcurement Transplant Coordinator II
Jordan Lee, CCRN, CPTCProcurement Transplant Coordinator II
Christian Thomason, BSN, RNProcurement Transplant Coordinator II
Hollana Wood, RN, CPTCProcurement Transplant Coordinator II
Adam Brakefield, RRT, RRT-NPSProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Dion Brown, RRT-ACCS, RRTProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Kelbi Carman, RN, MSN, CCRNProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Alexandria Feltman, BS, RRTProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Chris Franks, RRTProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Clint Goodlett, BS, RRT-NPSProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Abigayle Hood, RN, BSNProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Meredith Hubbard, MDProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Wendy Miller, RRTProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Alleyiah "Alley" Orr, RRTProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Brittany Parker, BSN, RNProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Stefanie Salter, RN, BSProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Amanda Smith, BSN, RNProcurement Transplant Coordinator I
Meghan Young, BSN, BS, RNProcurement Transplant Coordinator I

Quality Assessment & Process Improvement (QAPI)

 Ashley Anderson, MA, LSSGBRegulatory Compliance Coordinator
Jasmine Burrell, BSQuality Assurance Coordinator I
Javier S. Cauthen, BA, CTBS, LSSGBQuality Assurance Coordinator  II
Aimee Cortes, RNQuality Review Auditor
Chrissy Hawkins, BS, LPNQuality Assurance Coordinator I
Alyce Lipham, BSQA Supervisor
Ambra MooneyQA Support Specialist
Maria Prickett, MAQuality Systems Analyst
Kiera Springfield, RRTQuality Assurance Coordinator I
Cindy Stoffregen, LPCRegulatory Compliance Coordinator
Mary Kate WatkinsQuality Assurance Coordinator I
Nicole Willis, RNQuality Review Auditor

Tissue Recovery

Joseph BlaiseTissue and Recovery Coordinator
Chris ChalmersTissue and Recovery Coordinator
John Thomas Marks, BSTissue and Recovery Coordinator
Renarkus R. Miller, BS, CTBSManager of Tissue Recovery Services
Brian J. Sims, CTBSTissue and Recovery Coordinator
Kendelea SmithTissue Supply & Support Tech
Joseph T. Willis, BS, CTBSAssistant Tissue Manager-Mobile Region