Atchison, Cayden

September 15, 2009 – March 10, 2020

Story from the Quilt:

“Cayden’s Poem” by Karen Atchison

I shed the crooked shell that held me captive for so many years

I left behind all the scars that resulted in so many tears

I didn’t wobble when I stood, my legs did not give way

I took my first steps in heaven towards Jesus on that day

And all of Heaven cheered as I moved faster towards the Son

My body worked perfectly – something it had never done

I opened up my mouth and praises rang out loud and clear

My first words were to my Savior for His Death is what got me here

Oh how I wish you could see me – so perfectly complete.

Not a part out of line from my head down to my feet

My eyes are seeing clearly and the colors are surreal

It’s hard to describe such beauty and the joy that I feel

I know that you’ll have tears and sorrow will fill your heart

But a day is but a breath so it won’t be long that we’re apart

So go live a life worth living and do all the things you can

And know that I am watching and can’t wait to see you again.