Braswell, Joshua David

January 31, 1980 -June 26, 2003

Story from the Quilt:
Josh, a Registered Nurse at Mobile Infirmary, was a May 3rd, 2003 graduate of the University of Mobile, where he received both the John W. Donald Award and the Bedsole Award. The Donald is a Nursing School award given at pinning, and the Bedsole is granted by faculty ballot to the student who has shown the most significant progress while at the University. Weeks after his graduation he was killed in an automobile accident near Dauphin Island, AL.

He was a resident of Mobile, AL where he lived at home with his dad, Clay his mother, Karen and brother, Joel.

Being a nurse, Josh made it known that he supported ORGAN DONATION, his parents, Clay & Karen and only brother, Joel, had no reserves making this decision. Just as Josh did here on earth working as a nurse in the medical field… His last act on earth was to save 6 lives with his organ donation:

On June 27th, 2005 the heart was transplanted into a 51 year old male. The liver was transplanted into a 45 year old male. Both lungs were transplanted into a 29 year old male. The pancreas was transplanted into a 34 year old male. The right kidney was transplanted into a 34 year old male. The left kidney was transplanted into a 65 year old male. These recipients were both suffering from end-stage kidney disease. All of these recipients are recovering at this time.

Josh’s patch was made by his mother, Karen. She took one of his nursing uniform green scrub tops and used that for the main background. The last photo taken of him by her before he died is laminated and placed on the patch. His RN nursing emblem was embroidered on along with his website link address. It was outlined in a maroon color trim which was both his High School “Faith Academy” and University of Mobile school colors.