Corley, Eric Lawson

January 26, 1992 -February 6, 2013

Story from the Quilt:
Eric was involved in a car accident on January 25, 2013, the evening before his 21st birthday. Eric and four of his friends were on their way to a Christian rock concert. The accident occurred on Trussville/Clay Road, 4 miles from where he lived. Eric was transported to the UAB Emergency Room and placed on life support. Eric was admitted to NICU later that evening, with a traumatic brain injury, a punctured lung and several other injuries. Eric fought hard for 12 days, but never regained consciousness. On February 5th Eric’s nurse told us to gather our family together. His doctor then explained to us that Eric was septic and that his heart wouldn’t last much longer. The information the doctor shared with us was very difficult to handle. At this time we all knew what Eric would want us to do.

Eric was always a very giving person, constantly helping out others, so we knew that he would want to help as many people as he could. With his mother, father, brothers and sisters-in-law by his side, he went to his heavenly home. With the organs donated from Eric, the medical staff was able to help save at least three lives on February 6th.

Eric was the youngest of three boys, the brother-in-law to two sisters-in-law and the uncle to one niece and three nephews, a grandson, a nephew and cousin.

Eric came into our lives as a gift through foster care at three days old and was later adopted.

Eric will be: Never Forgotten-Always Loved- Eric was truly a bright spot in so many people’s lives.

This quilt square represents Eric’s dream of one day working at Disney World. Eric’s favorite character was Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” The square is made from a pair of his favorite “skinny” jeans and his dad’s lounge pants.