Dendy, Hanna Montez

1995 – 2005

Story from the Quilt:
I am speaking on behalf of the family of Hanna Montez Dendy.

We lost our Hanna in an accident in July 2005, 9 days before her 10th birthday. Her birthday present was to be a surprise room make-over, using her favorite colors, hot pink and green.

Hanna’s quilt square represents those colors. The hot pink materials are scraps from a dress her Aunt Karen made for Hanna some years ago. The picture of Hanna was taken at a friend’s birthday party a week before the accident.

The buttons represent various aspects of Hanna’s life:

The “A” represents Hanna’s report cards…She was in the Spotlight Program for Gifted Children in her school.
The “cross” represents her faith in God as a member of Christ the King Catholic Church.
The “yellow butterfly” is our representation of Hanna’s spirit.
The “dog” and “cat” are for her pets Cricket and Belle.
The “cell phone” represents Hanna as a constant chatter box.
The “ladybug” reminds us of the time her bedroom window was infested with them.
The “flip flop” reminds us of a funny story when Hanna wore those to church one Sunday.