Easterwood, Janzen Cole ‘J’

October 7, 1985 -May 16, 2012

Story From The Quilt:
Our son, Janzen Cole Easterwood was born October 7, 1985. He was a comical child who kept us laughing and then said, “Don’t waff at me!” His curly hair was his signature and he wore it in many different styles. His nickname was ‘J’ & he loved basketball, his cars, Nascar, his border collies and Alabama football. A Roll-tide kind of guy!

He loved God & his country, family and friends. His 10-month old son, Salem Jayce was his pride & joy. Helping others was his way of life. He died on May 16, 2012.

What a blessing he was during his 26 yrs. & 7 months on earth. To know him was to love him! We look forward to seeing him again in heaven!