Hill, Katie Elizabeth

December 9, 1987 -May 8, 2010

Story from the Quilt:
The “Owl” came about because of Katie’s night shift job as a UAB Respiratory Therapist. Just two weeks before Katie’s death her sister and nephews were visiting from Kentucky and her nephew (Charlie) asked why Katie was sleeping during the day. His mom explained that Katie worked at night and therefore slept during the day. Charlie’s reply was “Oh, like an owl!” Everyone thought this was very funny and perceptive for a little boy who had only been in the U.S. for eight months. After Katie’s accident, owls just seemed to turn up everywhere and when the sandals Katie had been wearing in the accident were returned to us…….there were owls embossed in the leather in the bottom of each shoe. Owls have now become a sweet reminder of our precious Katie.