Kemp-Harper, Jennifer

July 17, 1975 -May 8, 2012

Story From The Quilt:
This beautiful needlework shows Jennifer’s artistic bent. Relationships are what were most important to her: daughter, sister, wife and mother.

“To my daughter: I am proud of you for giving life to others. You lived in hopes of making other’s lives better. And in dying you continued your legacy. I love you, Daddy.”

“I miss your laughter, your touch, your boundless energy, and your place in our family. But as you requested, we will live on and not be sad for you. My love eternally, Momma.”

“To my sister: You were a loving sister. Through all the changes that both our lives took, our love for one another never changed. Always yours, Sean.”

“My wife was a beautiful woman; quirky, fun, and the best mother ever. She gave me her best, even at her worst. She loved our daughter very much and poured everything she had to help her grow. Jennifer, you touched my life in a way that can’t be explained. Thank you. Your husband, Bobby.”