Kennemer, Brandon Joe

June 23, 1987 -January 12, 2006

Story from the Quilt:
My son Brandon Joe Kennemer passed away at a young age of 18. He lived in Grant, Alabama and is known as a strong Christian and a great person at heart.

He was taken from us on January 12, 2006 at 8:05 pm when he was in a bad car accident. He was also going to school to be in the medical field, at the time of his death, he was a certified nursing assistant. He was also taking ministry lessons. He always put everyone else before himself.

His quilt represents 3 important things in his background. The first symbol is the Auburn emblem- it stands for his Auburn pride. The second is a cross- it represents his strong Christianity and it shows how he turned his life around and gave it to our Heavenly Father. The last symbol is the heart- it represents how much we appreciate the Donor program. We would like to share how much the Donor program means to us. It gives us peace and comfort to know that his organs have been used to help the life of another person. He had always wanted to help people, which is one reason we chose to use the fabric from his scrubs as another symbol of how he liked to help people.

Brandon’s Mom

Our grandson, Brandon, was an 18 year old resident of Alabama when he was taken from this earthly life by a car accident. We are pleased that he chose to donate his organs so that it would allow other lives to be extended or improved. He was a very thoughtful person. He tended to put others needs before his own. He was a Certified Nurses Assistant and was about to enroll in college to begin his studies in nursing or related medical field.

He was a Christian and was very involved in his church youth group. He was well loved by his church family. He was involved in Lads to Leaders, which is a tool used to help prepare youth for service in the Kingdom of God and help develop their overall leadership potential.

Brandon’s Grandparents- Father’s Side