Kimbrel, Misty Dawn

December 13, 1979 -November 24, 2005

Story from the Quilt:
Dawn Kimbrel was a gift within herself. She had much Faith in God. Her favorite scripture was Luke 1: 45- Blessed is she who believes that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished. Dawn wanted more than anything to be a mother and the Lord blessed her with a child before he came to take her home. Giving was like a hobby to her, she did this daily and left many blessings behind for us to enjoy. She loved people and thrived on conversation. Life was her canvas. Her brush left bright, broad, lasting strokes and her smile warms our heart today. We cherish her gifts and thank God for this blessing we found in her. This Quilt Square is in honor of our Angel, a true Superstar. Giving is the greatest blessing of love, and to love others enough to give life is what it’s all about. The Lord showed us this long ago. This project is about Loving, Giving and Living. What a Blessing!!!