Knight, Kaleb Damion

December 4, 1996 – June 24, 2020

Story from the Quilt:

Kaleb was a kind and loving young man that was full of energy and always wanted to make others laugh. He enjoyed listening to music and dancing (2-step, line dancing). You would always see him with his cowboy boots on even with shorts. Kaleb was such a country by with the pretty blue eyes, smile and country accent. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and adventured out and bull riding. Being in the woods, standing on a creek bank brought Kaleb so much peace. When he was old enough for tattoos, he got fishing, hunting tattoos and he had gotten six deer tracks on the back of his right arm. His younger brother also got these tattoos on the back of his left arm, so when they walk side by side, they join.

All of these things on his quilt square gave him happiness and peace. Kaleb enjoyed life until mental illness and drugs took his soul. Even though this darkness took over Kaleb’s soul but it never took the love in his heart. Bringing kindness to others was always in his heart and soul from the time he was born and still continues after he has passed.