Lawson, Lloyd Edward, III

January 4, 1972 – March 13, 2000

Story from the Quilt:
Lloyd E. Lawson III was a wonderful man. But he was so much more than just a man. He was a father, son, brother and a friend.

He was so excited when he found out that he was having a son, Blake. Blake was everything to him! He worked so hard every day to make sure that Blake had everything he needed. Even though their time together was short, Blake still knows that his Dad hears his every prayer and that Dad watches over him every second, every day.

Lloyd was the model son, the one that all parents want their children to be. He loved and respected his parents; it was evident in his interaction with them. He spent a lot of his free time at their house helping with odd jobs: anything that needed attention. Family was important to him and he liked having everyone together as often as possible.

Lloyd was also a great older brother. His younger brother, Tim, and both his younger sisters, Lindsay and Jennifer, looked up to him. His influence was so great, they thought of him as an additional parent. (continued)
Finally, Lloyd was a gracious friend. He would do anything for anybody at anytime. All his friends cherish the time spent with him.

Lloyd was an inspiration to all who knew him because he was so kind and radiated the love of his Christian beliefs. His favorite Scripture was Psalm 23. In verse two, David talks about lying down in green pastures; I know by brother is at rest and at peace, waiting for us to join him there.