Massimini, Sara Darnell

December 26, 1950 -August 26, 2006

Story from the Quilt:
The design has a grey cat to symbolize Muffin. He was dropped in our driveway 14 years ago. Sara named him and we both spoiled him.

Sara was baptized in August, 1970 and was the church clerk for several years. Three weeks before she died, the church just finished singing, “A Better Place to go.” Sara stood up and said “If I go before you, don’t worry about me, because I have a better place to go.”

Later that month, Sara finished testifying on August 20, 2006, and sat down. The first stroke happened at that time. Four days later a second stroke took her life. Four people received a chance for a better life because of Sara’s gift.

Sara and Charlie were blessed by God to be married for 34 years.