Mills, Olivia Ladson

March 9, 1996 -September 29, 2013

Story From The Quilt:
Olivia was a sweet young woman who was wise beyond her years. She died following an automobile accident at age 17. Olivia was the youngest of four girls. She wrote in a friend’s journal: “When hardship comes into your life, you are going to ask ‘Why is this happening to me?’Or will you say ‘How can this be used for God’s glory?’” She loved Jesus Christ and felt like it was her destiny to become a missionary. She wanted to give hope to the hopeless. Olivia brought hundreds of students in Tuscaloosa County together in prayer after her accident. She reached people for Christ all over the United States and in 40 foreign countries with her Facebook page, “Praying for Olivia.” She indicated on her driver’s license that she wanted to become an organ donor. Olivia gave life to five different people. She also gave the gift of sight. In the end, Olivia reached her goal of becoming a missionary. She will be dearly missed by many who may find comfort knowing she is now in heaven with her beloved God.