Minteer, Martha

June 14, 1918 -February 10, 2003

Story from the Quilt:
My mother was born in Lisbon, Ohio on June 14, 1918. She died on February 10th, 2003, in Huntsville, AL. My mom was the youngest of four children. She was a mother of two, grandmother of six and great-grandmother of five.

I believe her request that her body be donated for medical research was to help further research that would help eliminate many illnesses and diseases for our future generations. She knew how one can suffer from a devastating illness. My brother had fought brain cancer for 19 months, three years earlier and died. My mom was at his side during this time. Thus, my quilting square symbolizes this idea.

Working on the quilting square was very helpful in working through the anniversary of my mother’s death. I hope the Donor quilt will encourage the gift of organ donation not just for research, but so others may live and retain their sight. Thank you for allowing me to participate in your quilt effort.