Perryman, LaDonna

April 3, 1992 -March 5, 2009

Story from the Quilt:
LaDonna was born on April 3, 1992. She had dark brown hair and eyes. She was a whopping height of 5’2”. She had a beautiful smile and was almost smiling all the time.

She loved all animals. Her favorite were her two dogs, Romeo and Bear, and her horse, Sassy.

Her favorite sports and hobbies were horseback riding, dancing, music, scrapbooking, cooking and shopping for shoes, purses and jewelry.

She rode her horse in barrel racing, poles and team penning at horse shows. She played the saxophone for three years in the school band. She worked for over a year at D.J.’s Diner and got credit for it in Co-op at school. She would have graduated next month. She was very independent.

She was a born again Christian at Cloverdale Baptist church since she was nine years old.

Her hero was her Big Daddy (grandfather). She said her favorite two people were her Big Daddy and Nana. That was until she met the guy who stole her heart. She called him “Her Daniel.”

But the most important thing was, she was her “Nana’s Heart.”