Richards, Johnathan Patrick

March 31, 1987 -December 7, 2007

Story from the Quilt:
Since Patrick’s passing, we (his family) have watched the world continue to turn around us. It has been over a year now and our loss is as profound today as the day he died. Patrick’s youth plagues us with the denied promise of a life unlived.

We hold a cache of memories of a young man filled with humor, intelligence and kindness; of a young boy who loved fire trucks, police cars and thought it would be way cool to ride on the back of a garbage truck. We recall the time he painted his cousin’s fingernails and eyes. He was three and she was not quite two. They were a mischievous pair. Or, the time a tire on his Aunt’s car was persistently low on air and he checked it for her and then gave her a tire gauge… to keep the tire checked until it could be repaired. He was such a responsible and thoughtful person. Reminisces of the beautiful, dark haired, dark eyed boy and our mutual laughter helps us on our life long journey to accept his death.

When Patrick left us he turned the light off and slowly, by embracing the memories of his short life, we are lighting our candles to lead us out of the darkness. And, while God’s reasons for bringing Patrick home are unknown, He has blessed us with the grace to find happiness in the memories.

Nancy Richards