Scott, Vanessa Leeann

March 26, 1982 -December 6, 1999

Story from the Quilt:
Vanessa loved helping others and she loved kids. She could not stand to see anyone be mistreated or anyone get their feelings hurt in any kind of way. She was the most loving and caring person I have ever in my whole entire life been around. To be only 17, she was more than a mother and her daughter Destiny Leshay is very blessed to have had a mother like her. I know she is watching over her everyday, she looks just like her mother. I feel very blessed to be Vanessa’s mother. And know that God blessed me and allowed me to conceive Vanessa and let me borrow her for the short while she spent with me. For that time is a lifetime to me. I know she is still with me in every breath I take. The ones who received her organs received a very special gift from a very special little woman. One day I pray that I will be able to meet the blessed people, for they must be very blessed to receive organs from my little angel. May God bless all.

From the family of Vanessa Leann Scott