Smith, Donald W.

December 11, 1958 -October 3, 2006

Story from the Quilt:
Donald loved the great outdoors: camping, fishing, hunting and football. Just to ride in the woods was peaceful to him. He loved to play jokes on people. He was funny. He lived each day as if it was his last. But God said on October 3, 2006, it was time to come home and rest.

We love and miss him. He was an organ donor. And that was the way he lived, helping people, even in death he has helped people to live on. A part of him still lives. He has 4 kids, 4 grandkids and 1 brother.

The quilt says it all. And he will forever be in our hearts.

Mother- Alice Faye Smith
Father- James F. Smith, Jr.
Brother- David A. Smith
Kids- Mandy, Christy, Jeffery, Hunter