Spain, Peyton

December 25, 1997 – April 7, 2015

Story from the Quilt:

Born on Christmas Day, Peyton was wrapped in a Christmas stocking at the hospital as a loving present for his parents. A couple of years later, he was joined in the family by sister Erin Ashley with whom he shared a close and protective relationship. They loved the cabin at the lake belonging to their grandparents and spent many happy hours playing in the water, on the boat, riding jet skis, competing on knee boards and tubes.

In addition to these activities, Peyton enjoyed deer hunting and killed his first deer at a young age. He proudly had his picture made with the evidence of his trophy hunt. He loved Alabama football and usually got tickets to some home games for early birthday or Christmas presents.  Both he and Erin were talented athletes. Peyton excelled in baseball and soccer as well as other sports in which he participated. They were both active at Hueytown High School and Pleasant Grove Baptist Church youth group.

On the way home from school after soccer practice, they were killed in an automobile accident. They were living their best life with many friends, activities and a bright future ahead.