Spencer, ‘Nick’ Frank

July 25, 1982 -November 10, 2004

Story from the Quilt:
Nick was a very social person and loved being the center of attention. He loved fixing up vehicles, playing loud music, drawing, and being just plain goofy in his own special way. I know that Nick is so proud of me and saying, “bout time Momma.” I finally made the decision, after 5 years, to come to this picnic because in my heart I truly feel that I can bring closure to what happened to Nick. It makes me so very proud to be his mother knowing that he has played such a big role in saving other people’s lives. Nick’s quilt square includes a picture of him as a small child and a more recent picture of him, but the most important part of the quilt is that the fabric I chose is actually a part of his favorite orange button down shirt. This shirt has so many memories from his life and I know that he is the one that helped me choose it as the fabric to be used for this very special project.

Sandy Spencer Harrell,