Thompson, Bobby Joe

March 1, 1984 -August 25, 2009

Story from the Quilt:
Bobby Joe Thompson was born March 1, 1984, in Anchorage Alaska. He was 6 months old when we moved back to Alabama.

Bobby was always very out-going, center of fun and never met a stranger. Alabama Football was his passion. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, boating, swimming, bowling, hanging out with family & friends. He lived life to the fullest.

Bobby took pride in his trucks also. They were as clean as he was. If he went mud riding, they were cleaned up shortly after. He was always dressed for the occasion. The ladies always said he smells so good…. Every time he could, he would donate blood. The day he got his license he marked the Organ Donor box. He said he could help others to live a fuller & better life. So August 25, 2009, it didn’t take long to fulfill Bobby’s wishes. August 18th he had an ATV accident. He fought for life for a week. Then the doctors told us the ventilator was keeping him alive. God called him home.

It has been very healing hearing from the recipients, knowing how much their lives have changed after their surgery. We are thankful to know or meet them, and they want to thank us for the Gift of Life, but that was Bobby’s gift to them. That is the kind of man he was….

Bobby will forever be in our hearts. God Bless you all! Keep us in your prayers as ya’ll are always in our prayers.

The Thompson Family