Thompson, Tyreez

December 5, 1993 -November 3, 2012

Story From The Quilt:
My Angel Tyreez is better known as Ty to everyone that loves him. Although our hearts are heavy because we lost such a precious gift we are in turn extremely proud of him for giving the gift of life, he is forever my personal hero. I want to tell you a little about My Ty, Ty was a rambunctious kid and known for his electric smile that lit up any room whenever he walked in. He absolutely loved baseball I think his second baby pictures was with a baseball cap on holding a ball and from that point on my son did everything with a baseball. He played from the age four to being a catching coach for a sports academy where he taught Little League catchers ages 6-12 up until the day he gained his wings. He was also my social bug and could make a dog laugh by doing and saying the most random things, I don’t know if we laughed at what he was saying or the fact that we had absolutely no idea where the thought came from. His friends had many nicknames for him such as Ty-reezy, RepTar, and Ty-Ty. Tyreez has a little sister at that adored him to the max, his sister is 14 now she was his life they were stuck at the hip. She was his biggest fan and he was the ultimate big brother she couldn’t of asked for a bigger mentor and hero. He was her superman and to this day although he is no longer with us she still looks to him and talks about him and makes sure no one forgets her big brother Tyreez, he was truly her superman and is now her guiding light. Ty will forever be our hero and we are so grateful and thankful that he was able to help save lives, in our time of loss something as great as saving a life was brought forth and we are forever proud of Tyreez.