Youmans, Madeleine

November 26, 1962 -April 9, 2005

Story from the Quilt:
Madeleine Youmans, Ph.D., lived every second of a too brief life with energy, enthusiasm, and a passion to experience everything this world has to offer. Overcoming poor health, she traveled widely, read extensively, thought broadly, contributed original academic work, and inspired everyone who knew her. She was emerging into a glorious, fulfilled maturity when she died in an accident April 9, 2005, leaving her body so others could live more fully. She has entered enlightenment, but will return to experience this world again with that same passion and love she hopes her beneficiaries, and those who love them, will share.

This square is of yellow cotton fabric with Dr. Youman’s name and dates, the Chinese characters for love, peace, energy and eternity, a drawing of bamboo, which never stops growing, and a collection of charms symbolizing some of her many interests and joys.