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Story of Hope

Kevin, Lung Recipient

“Without My Transplant, I Wouldn’t Be Here to Throw This First Pitch!” A double lung transplant saved Kevin Huckaby’s life in February 2020. On Saturday,

Kayla, Kidney Recipient

As a Two-Time Kidney Recipient, Kayla Jenkins Owes Her Life to Donors After a brief bout with E. coli, Kayla Jenkins should have been on

Cori, Organ Donor

God’s Timing and Organ Donation as the Common Thread Joni Green is a firm believer in God’s timing. Green’s daughter Cori died at 22, and

Nick, Organ Donor

Organ Donation Helped This Grieving Father Cope With a Heartbreaking Loss John Bower says that knowing his son, Nicholas “Nick”, was an organ donor helps

Ryan, Organ Donation Advocate

When Ryan O’Neal Parker, just 21 years old, passed away in a boating accident, his family’s life was changed forever. Each year, Ryan’s memory is honored with a fishing tournament at Lake Tuscaloosa – Hook a Line Save a Life.

Ossie, Heart Recipient

Ossie Carey describes the phone call relaying that there was a heart transplant match for him as a SEE, which the military terms a “Significant Emotional Event”.

Katie, Lung Recipient

It’s not often that you think about breathing unless you have trouble doing it, which was the reality for most of Katie Pilston’s life. “I was born with cystic fibrosis (CF), so at a pretty early age I started having lung issues,” she said. “I was told that probably by the time I turned 18, I would need a transplant.” 

Judy, Liver Recipient

In December 2022, Judy Burch celebrated 22 years since receiving her liver transplant. “The day I was put on the transplant list, my husband and

Brady, Organ Donor

As a nurse, Sharon Hudson had always been pro organ donation given she had been exposed to the process several times throughout her career. She

Don, Kidney Recipient

Don White should be the poster child for kidney transplants. It’s been 30 years and counting since he was given a life-saving gift. National Kidney