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Donor Families are at the Heart of Legacy of Hope

Legacy of Hope’s Aftercare Department supports donor families during their grief walk by supplying them with answers to questions about the donor process, and by providing grief literature. We also provide information regarding how to write to recipients as well as providing updates on their condition (when requested). 

Contact The Aftercare Department

The Aftercare Department can be reached with questions by calling 1-205-801-7353 or e-mailing

Communication Between Donor Families and Recipients

Communication between donor families and the recipients completes the circle. It heals the hearts of the grieving families as well as promotes healing within the recipients as they take the opportunity to acknowledge the miraculous gift made possible by their donor. 

If both the donor family and the recipient make the Aftercare Coordinator aware they would like to establish direct contact, the coordinator will assist in the process. The donor family and recipient must have established a relationship by written communication. Both parties must also agree to sign a release of information form before identities are revealed to each other.

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Celebration of Life Picnic

We encourage the donor families to participate in the annual Celebration of Life Picnic. This is an event that brings recipients, donor families, living donors, clinicians, Legacy of Hope personnel as well as physicians together to celebrate LIFE. This event provides time to remember the donors who made the transplants possible. 

Life and Legacy Celebration

Legacy of Hope holds the Life and Legacy Celebration twice a year for the donor families whose donation occurred in the previous year. This is a time for the donor families to honor their loved one surrounded by others who have experienced a similar loss. The family will receive an invitation in the mail for the Life and Legacy Celebration.

Donor Family Quilt

Alabama Donor Family Quilts are a patchwork of memories, lovingly created primarily by donor family members. 

Memorial Windows

Legacy of Hope’s office at 502 20th Street South in Birmingham features window clings that serve as a memorial to our donors and an expression of gratitude to their families. 

Transplant Games of America

Every two years, donor families and recipients can participate in the Transplant Games of America. At these games, recipients participate in Olympic-style sporting events. Donor families participate in workshops, memorial services and tributes. Interested in learning more about participating with Team Alabama? Visit for more information.