Memorials and Tributes

Memorials & Tributes

People interested in making a memorial or honorarium donation may make checks payable to Legacy of Hope. Your donation will be used to help Legacy of Hope with our educational endeavors.

Please mail check to:

Legacy of Hope
516 20th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35233

Donor families honor their loved ones with memorabilia displayed on the Tribute Table at the annual Donor Memorial Service.

Obituary Information for Funeral Directors

You can do a great service by encouraging donor families to mention their loved one’s organ and/or tissue donation in the obituary. This is a wonderful way for a family to honor and remember their loved one and helps to spread the good word on donation and transplantation. This increase in awareness can be instrumental in solving the critical shortage of organs and tissues for those waiting for a life-saving or life-enhancing transplant!

Some suggested phrases include:

  • “Mary gave in death as she gave in life. Mary was an organ (and/or tissue) donor.”
  • “Mary was an organ (and/or tissue) donor.”
  • “Mary’s final act was to give the gift of life through organ (and/or tissue) donation.”
  • “Mary gave the gift of life through organ (and/or tissue) donation.”


If families are interested, Legacy of Hope can provide various resources, including awareness bracelets, for the funeral and/or memorial service. To request, please e-mail us at

A memorial certificate is also available by clicking here. You may complete your loved one’s name in the top field. Below the name, you can then add whether he or she was an organ donor, recipient or on the transplant waiting list. Lastly, complete the date and you are ready to print.

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