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Comfort Shawls of Alabama

In July 2011, Legacy of Hope organized a program to provide comfort shawls to new organ donor families. It is our hope that this small gift of compassion will bring these families comfort and solace in their time of sorrow and need. We are asking for volunteers across the state of Alabama who knit or crochet to help with this project.

Instructions for Comfort Shawls

Pattern can be simple. Three stitch seed pattern works well. Many patterns can be found at Lion Brand. All color combinations are welcome. Size should be approximately 36” by 60” (4 to 5 balls of yarn @ 170 yards each). Your completed shawl will have a heart charm and note attached. Please include your name, address and phone number with the shawl. Completed shawls can be mailed or delivered to: Legacy of Hope Attn: Laura Pruitt, Family Support Manager 516 20 th  Street South Birmingham, AL 35233 1-800-252-3677 Thank you for being a vital part of this project. When creating your shawl, keep in mind colors can mean a lot of different things, for example:
A co9llection of woven confort shawls
a knit shawl with a Comfort Shawl tag

Color Meanings

Red – energy, strength, love, courage
Pink – joy, friendship, compassion, sensitivity
Brown – stability, masculinity
Orange – happiness, encouragement, vitality, strength
Gold – wisdom, illumination
Yellow – cheerfulness, energy, joy, confidence, optimism
Green – healing, harmony, hope, peace, renewal
Blue – healing, tranquility, spirituality, truth, loyalty
Purple – wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, spirituality
Beige – optimism
White – protection, peace, purity

Balls of colored yarn