Legacy of Hope joins 2020 Donate Life Rose Parade Float

[November 8, 2019 – Birmingham, AL] —  Legacy of Hope is announcing today that it will part of America’s New Year Celebration, the Rose Parade®, as one of the sponsors of the 2020 Donate Life float.  Celebrating its 17th Anniversary, the Donate Life float is part of a national initiative to help share the importance of organ, eye and tissue donation with millions of people, who either visit Pasadena or tune in to watch the Rose Parade® every New Year.  This will be the ninth year that Legacy of Hope is sponsoring the Donate Life float.

“With nearly 114,000 people currently waiting for a life-saving transplant, we are grateful to be a part of this year’s Donate Life float, to bring worldwide attention to the need for more people to register as donors, and by doing so, help make an impact in the lives of many,” said Chris Meeks, Executive Director Legacy of Hope. “We look forward to showcasing Andrew Workman’s story and we hope to inspire others to register and get involved, after hearing his remarkable story of donation.”

The theme for the 131st Rose Parade® is the Power of Hope which honors the opportunity to look beyond challenges of the moment and light a path to a brighter future.  With this in mind, the 2020 Donate Life float’s theme, Light in the Darkness, shares the Power of Hope by highlighting Southeast Asia’s Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, a celebration of light shining in darkness.  Organ, eye and tissue donation is often the first spark of light families see when in their darkest of moments, the opportunity to honor their loved ones’ legacy provides hope and light to both grieving donor families and grateful recipients.

The 2020 Donate Life float honoree for Legacy of Hope is Andrew Workman.  “It was Andrew’s generosity that had the biggest impact on those who knew him,” states Deana and Mark Workman, Andrew’s parents.  “He gave blood as often as he could.  He gave rides when he had no gas.  He gave food when he himself was hungry.  He gave his clothing when he saw a need.  He donated his toys to the local mission.  He once decided that the television was thirsty and gave it a drink of water!  It was no surprise that Andrew was an organ donor.”

Andrew was an 18-year-old student at Enterprise State Community College and working part-time at a local restaurant in Enterprise, Alabama when he had a seizure.  The seizures continued constantly for the next 8 weeks.  The brain damage he suffered from each seizure was too severe to sustain his life and his generosity was made evident in his gift of organ donation.

Andrew’s floragraph, a floral portrait, will be displayed on the 2020 Donate Life float along with 43 other deceased donors.  The floragraph was created by a dedicated volunteer in Pasadena except for his eyebrows.  Andrew’s friends, family and community gathered to complete his floragraph in an event hosted in his honor.

The 2020 Donate Life Parade® float, Light in the Darkness, features colorful rangoli, intricate circular designs made of rice and flowers, created to adorn the entrance of a home.  These rangoli will house thousands of individually dedicated roses to honor those who have saved and healed lives through the power of organ, eye and tissue donation.  Two brass oil lamps, known as diya, burn brightly and accompany three majestic peacocks, symbols of new life.  26 organ, eye and tissue recipients or living donors will be seated among the peacocks or walk alongside the float.  Floral displays overflow from intricate vessels, adorned with 44 memorial floral portraits, honoring the gift of life and light given by organ, eye and tissue donors.

As one of the world’s most visible campaigns to inspire organ, eye and tissue donation, the Donate Life Rose Parade® float inspires viewers to save and heal more than one million people in need of organ, eye and tissue transplants each year.  Register today to become an organ, eye and tissue donor by visiting, www.legacyofhope.org.