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Putting a Face – Or Car Wrapping – to the Organ Donation Cause

Jared Tyler likes standing out. And as a two-time heart recipient, he knows that his story has the potential to attract attention and further the cause of organ donation. “I like being different. And if I can stand out and send a message that hopefully inspires more people to sign up as registered organ donors, that would be incredible,” he said.

His method for spreading awareness? He designed a vinyl that wraps around his entire car and includes the donate life message. “Why not have a constant reminder for people that they can register and it only takes just a couple of minutes?” he added.

Thanks to two individuals who said “yes” to the gift of life, Tyler received his first heart transplant in October 1999 at the age of two, and his second in September 2019 at 22. After wrapping his car previously, Tyler’s mom suggested he design something that would honor the mission that saved his life not just once, but twice. “The goal initially was to just start the conversation around organ donation and encourage people to sign up,” he said. “If that person has a connection already, it’s an instant bond and talking point.”

So, he created the design and then worked with CGS Vinyl to produce the car wrapping. “They donated the rap to this cause. They are fantastic and wonderful people. This literally wouldn’t be possible without them.”

In Tyler’s experience it’s when people put a face – or in this case a car wrapping – to a cause, it has the potential to change someone’s perspective. “It completely changes someone’s viewpoint when there’s a human behind it.”

The vinyl will be good for up to four years and Tyler says he plans to wrap his car again, perhaps with a different design but still promoting the importance of organ donation. “Who knows how many people I can reach just by advertising the message in this way?,” he said. “I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t use my story as a way to inspire further conversations. I’m living proof that organ donation can save lives.”

And that standing out can be inspiring in more ways than one.