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Stories of Hope


At age 8, Jan was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Despite her diagnosis and disease complications, Jan embraced life and did her best to live her life to the fullest. Jan was 37 years old when she was told that her kidneys were failing and that she needed a kidney transplant “yesterday.”

After years of facing every challenge with courage, see how Jan is doing today.


Smart, energetic and loved God – just a few of the ways Daniel was described by his family. No parent ever wants to face the death of his or her 21 year-old son.

As the his family shares, however, the car accident that took their son’s life, did not take his ability to save the lives of three people.


Sandy and Stephen were registering to be organ donors when their five year-old daughter, Savannah, asked what they were doing. The family explained the best they could what organ donation was and Savannah swiftly said to register her as well. Sandy told Savannah not to worry about that, she was momma’s girl and had lots of time. Savannah insisted on becoming an organ donor that day because, as she put it, she wouldn’t need them when she got to Heaven.

Little did anyone know that just 30 days later, that time would come. See the multiple blessings a little girl gave to so many.


Although her life was tragically cut short, Kayla’s decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor saved and improved the lives of more than 100 people. 

Greg received Kayla’s lungs after years on oxygen due to pulmonary fibrosis. Greg is thankful for his gift of life and hopes to honor Kayla’s legacy.

A Father’s Legacy

Amidst sorrow and joy, a cornea and tissue donor’s legacy continues, not only in the lives he improved, but in the collective recognition of the impact of organ donation.  

Neighbors Becoming Family

Jeff was a generous, passionate person who always helped those in need. The family made the decision to donate Jeff’s organs during their darkest hour, reflecting Jeff’s giving spirit.

The transplant brought a renewed sense of life to Chip, who received Jeff’s kidney and liver.  Chip encourages others to become organ donors, emphasizing that it’s not just about saving someone else’s life but also about personal healing and understanding the value of life and the importance of family.

Connect to a Purpose

A liver transplant recipient shares a powerful story of his journey from a life-threatening condition to receiving a life-saving liver transplant. He and his family have a deep appreciation for the gift of life he’s been given.

A Donor Family’s Testimony

Bo’s family describes him as a vibrant, full-of-life individual who was a wonderful husband and loving father. He had a servant’s heart and was known for making people laugh. The decision to donate his organs and tissues was made to give someone else the gift of life and hope, reflecting Bo’s giving nature.